I’d like to share with you an interesting tale I picked up during our vacation in the beautiful island of Langkawi, Malaysia. Langkawi is made up of 99 islands and its stories are full of legends and mystic which I find very romantic.

One of the islands we visited was called “Pulau Dayang Bunting” or in English “The Island of the Pregnant Maiden”.  It is said that the island got its name from a tragic love story where a beautiful princess from the heavens came down to earth and fell in love with a mortal man. Soon after, she found out that she was with child; but this is where the tragedy starts. The baby they were eagerly waiting for died at birth. The princess was heartbroken; she buried their son in what is now a great lake in the middle of the mountains and before she left earth to the heavens, she cast a spell on the lake. Whomever longing for a child who comes and bathe in that very lake will soon become pregnant.

It is a sad story; but this story rings a lot of hope and selflessness. I’m sure the princess heart was shattered when her child passed. The child that she had hopes and dreams for, but instead of being angry and vengeful at the world, she uses her tragedy to make sure that any woman, who wants to be a mother, could… I think that’s pretty.

If you look closely, the shape of the island resembles a pregnant lady lying down on her back. Cool right?




This story is of course a myth. I don’t know if I got my story straight so forgive me if I’m telling this wrong.  But none the less, it is a beautiful story. No, I did not specifically plan the trip to the island for a dip in the lake, but since I was already there I didn’t want to miss my chance. The day was hot and the water in the lake was nice cool and the dip was refreshing after quite some hike up the terrains. The lake is about 10 Meters deep and even though the lake boarders the sea, the water in the lake was not salty; this is another miracle of the lake of Dayang Bunting.

We went to a few more islands where we got to feed eagles in the water, and visit beautiful beaches, the main island itself is full of stories and legends but this is after all a TTC blog, so…

Hope you enjoyed story time 🙂