I took a personal day from work to go see the good doctor today. I have some leave days that needs to be exhausted by month end, so I thought what the heck… I could go get my hair done after the appointment. The wait was long. Not thedr’s fault at all… we just arrived too early. I had the scan done, I was really anxious, scared if the cyst hasn’t budged but was happy to see that it is almost gone… just an itsy thing compared to the humongous creature it was some weeks ago. I’m pretty happy that it looks like it is clearing itself up. Yes it’s taking a while; but as long as there is progress, however small, I’m happy. So today I’m a happy camper!

I had a talk with the dr. on how we will proceed next cycle. He likes to go the natural route but I’m afraid that I won’t ovulate on my own and the cyst will comeback. He says we can decide to go the medicated cycle approach but I will need to be on progesterone support for a while. I remember the nasty gel suppository… yucky… I told him I’d take this next 10 days before our next appointment to think about it. On the walk back to the car I had a talk with hubby, he told me thathe’d be ok with whatever I decide (not much help there LOL).  Right this minute I think I want to try one more round of natural cycle. If I don’t ovulate this cycle we will go the medicated route. What do you think? I still have time to think about it…I will do some research and hope to arrive at the best decision for us to proceed. Wish us luck for our next FET try…. Hope this time we go all the way to a take home baby…inn sya Allah