Went for a follow up appointment during lunch today. The difference in going to the clinic in the morning and during lunch is vast. Unlike the crowd in the mornings, my lunch appointment at the dr’s office today was a breeze. I went straight in when I arrived. Everything is looking good. The cyst is completely gone. I was quite surprise since it was pretty big when I last saw it.  So the plan is to stop my birth control pills and hopefully AF will come in 3 days’ time. This will give me a bit of time to get AF out of the way before our vacation.


I wrote the paragraph above a day before the actual appointment. Was testing out positive enforcement/ positive thinking of sorts….LOL…. It would have been a great story if the actual appointment actually turned out that way, but not this time I’m afraid! This was what actual happened. I arrived at the clinic 10 minutes late. The traffic was horrible. Dear hubby was grumpy the whole ride there. Once we got to close to the building, I asked hubby to drop me off first before he parks the car. When I entered the clinic, it wasn’t empty. There was a bit of a crowd there. I laughed at myself a little thinking about the paragraph I wrote above… I knew the day won’t turn out the way I envisioned.  

Thankfully though, the wait wasn’t too long. Straight to scans to check on the cyst progress. It is very much still there. It has shrunk a bit from the last time I saw it on the scan but still not where we’d want it to be. So I am to continue on the birth control pills with half the dose. I’m to go back to see the dr in 10 days.  I hope it would be cleared up by then. A girl can hope…

I’m not feeling myself these last few weeks. I don’t know if it’s the cysts, the meds or my anemia is back? But I feel lousy! I’m getting the shivers, hot flushes, headaches and somewhat jittery. I hope I get better soon. I didn’t mention any of this to the dr when I saw him, I should have… maybe on my next visit I’ll ask him about it. Research from MrGoogle is pointing to the side effect of the meds.

Hoping my next dr visit to be a more positive one…