I was looking through some adoption site sometime late last year around the time after my miscarriage and found a site that matches a mother to the adoptive parents even before the baby is born. The mothers in these cases are usually unwed teens with no means of taking care of the child once the child is born or for whatever reason do not want the baby.  The site belongs to a non-profit organization; basically started by mothers that are concerned about the rate of baby dumping in our society. There are no fees involved because there is no selling or buying babies of course; but prospective parents are supposed to bare the hospital cost for the delivery. I’m not sure how they match the parents with the mothers though… maybe it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis? I don’t know. I need to find out. The legal aspect of the whole thing will come later once the baby is born, but of course before thattime the biological mother can change her mind at any time.  In Islamic law if I’m not mistaken there is a 2 years period before a child can be legally adopted; any time before then the biological parents has the rights to change their minds andtake their child. That’s a scary thought. Being given a gift of a child and to have that child taken from you…. Hmmm

What I’m rambling on and on here is really thoughts that have been playing in my mind for a while now – adoptions. May be that’s the way to go? I’m not giving up on trying for our own,but when do I stop? What if I try and try but it is just not in the cards for us? Can my husband and I live forever with just the two of us? I feel so ready to be a mom. I’m not saying it would be easy to find a child to adopt. I’ve heard that it may take years. May be I should start? At least send in my application? I have an introduction all written up in an email to the organization but I found myself unable to press the send button… why?