Already a week into the New Year, maybe I’m a bit behind on this. But as they say… better late than never right?

New Year resolutions are a funny thing. One that many a person makes but only a few manages to keep. I am one of the people that starts out all determined and ended up…well you know the rest! May be goals set are unrealistic or something beyond my control; like “Have a baby in 2013” or “Lose weight”. I can try to work towards getting pregnant but no amount of effort that I put in will ensure that I will have my baby. I can eat healthy and exercise but losing weight is not a sure thing either… it’s beyond my control. Am I making sense or am I just rambling and making excuses? LOL

Well this year I’ll try to set precise and attainable goals. We will see if I’m able to keep them till year end.

1.Wake up BY 7:10 am weekday mornings .

2.Have healthy breakfast before going to work.

3.Update resume and send out AT LEAST 1 job application by year end (I need a change really, but way too comfortable in my current job to even try to find what more is out there!).

4.Read AT LEAST one page of the Quran a week and learn the meanings (when not on menses of coz)

5.Have ONE day of no rice, bread or potato each week (I’m addicted to carbs so this is a big deal)

6.AT LEAST 15 minutes of exercise; once a week (Is this all I can commit to???? LMAO!!!)

All things listed seem easy enough to do… right? Almost fool proof even 😉 Something I can keep to and something that could help me become a little better than I am today.
Are you making your New Year resolutions? I bet they are better than mine! Well, the very best of luck to you. May be this year we’ll get to check all the item off our list!
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!!


Psstt… To tell you the truth, I’m worried about item no 1 and 5 on the list 😀