2013 is fast approaching… at the tail end of 2012 it feels like this year has gone by so fast…. Too fast! I still remember the beginning of 2012, all excited to start IVF in February; this was THE year, I thought. I miss that feeling; being naïve, having a lot of hope, excitement with all the possibility of what the year would bring. As the months roll by; my eyes are wide open…excitement begins to fade and I am trying hard to hang on to the tiny shred of hope… Reality check.

Allah has a different plan for me. I had a lot of hurdles to jump through. IVF didn’t even happen till June… half a year… gone. Where did the time go? Even though there have been a lot of heartache this year, I have a lot to be thankful for and I think I will focus on that…

I am thankful for:

1. The joy of a positive beta. Even though the pregnancy ended in an early miscarriage; it didn’t erase the joy that I felt for being pregnant for the first time.

2. 10 years anniversary. We made it 10 years dear Hubby and me… and our love is growing stronger every day.

3. 11kg / 24.2lbs loss since January… wuhuu!!

4. 2 frosties still waiting for us.

5. Family. To love and be loved so unconditionally… I’m blessed!

Here’s to an astronomical blessed New Year… May all our dreams finally come true.