I’’m all over the place today. Feels like if I stop; I will break down. Our cycle is canceled again. I still did not get a LH surge and it’s CD21. The scan confirms the follicle is very much still there. The doctor seems sure that I would ovulate this cycle but he would be away by the end of the week so he won’t be around for the transfer. He suggested that I have the transfer done by the other dr in the practice but following my gut instinct, I would still prefer my current dr to perform the transfer. I asked the dr again about getting a trigger shot, he said they used to do that but don’t anymore. From what he has seen, there is a lower pregnancy rate if you go with the trigger option. He says he doesn’t know why but that’s statically correct for his practice. He goes on to say, we have 2 good embryos and there is a good chance that at least one makes it so he doesn’t want to rush into transferring just to follow my timing or to follow his. So it’s back to the drawing board. I will still monitor my LH to see if I have a surge this cycle and at what CD.

It’s getting frustrating. Why isn’t my body doing what it’s supposed to? I set on the sofa crying on my hubby’s shoulders after getting another negative on the OPK yesterday – the cutoff day to determine if we are going to proceed this cycle. This sucks!  I have no positive words of wisdom today……Today I just feel like sulking!