So I had another hot date with the dildo cam today; my lead follicle has grown to 19.5mm and my lining is at 8.5 so the dr is happy. So from today till Monday I’m supposed to do an ovulation test to see when I ovulate. When I do; I will need to call the clinic and the transfer will be 4 days after the surge. I was really concern since the dr has told us on previous appointment that he would be away after Christmas and that would be when my FET would be. I asked him again today and he assured me that he would come in to do my transfer…. Got to love that man! I have the best dr in the world!! Oh yea, if I don’t have a surge, I will need to go back to see the dr on Monday. Hope I don’t have to do that.

So all smiles today. Looks like things are moving along. Hoping the smiles continue coz if you’ve been here before, you’ll know how fast things can change.

Sending positive energy for all TTC’s out there