So I went to see the dr for our CD14 scan to see how I’m progressing. I have a few follicles growing; the dominant one is only at 12mm and my lining is 6.5. That sucks as I’m already at CD14… shouldn’t it be bigger by now? Will I ovulate at all this cycle? My dr will be away from the 27th onwards, will I “get there” in time? Hmm… I have another appointment with him on Friday to see if we are progressing.  This waiting game is no fun!  I asked dr if he would give me a trigger shot to make sure I ovulate, but he says that he would rather I ovulate on my own. Ah well, it’s hard to stay positive at times like this… It’s also hard to stay off goggle!

On another note, my family is back from their Europe holidays… I opted not to go along on the trip because I thought I would be doing my transfer during the time… and now they are back and I’m not any closer to transferring…. No fair!

I am not feeling very positive today. Please send some positive vibes my way if you have some to spare.