This time around the dr put me on Tamoxifen from CD 2 to CD 6 to encourage ovulation. The truth is I’m a little apprehensive that I would ovulate on my own. I will talk to the dr on getting a trigger shot to ensure I ovulate, but I don’t know if it’s a common practice though. Can’t hurt to ask right? No major side effect on Tamoxifen, just some headache but nothing too bad. Did not get my usual hot flashes either, Yeay! Just hope it had done its job and my body is cooperating! We will know more on the 17th, which will be my CD14… I have a date with the dildo cam!

I have some friends in real life and also blogs I follow that got pregnant about the same time I did last cycle. Looking at their baby bump and reading their stories kinda make me think about the what ifs… Where would I be if things had gone differently, how big my already big belly would be by now? Would we have started to buy things to prepare for the baby to arrive in February; just 3 months away. Would it have been a boy or a girl? One wonders… Don’t worry about me, I’m doing ok. I’m focus on moving ahead. Every time I see a baby bump in my heart I wish the mother and the baby well and the pregnancy will be smooth sailing and pray that Allah will grant me the same joy one day soon.

Sending arm loads of hugs out there in cyberworld….