I’m waiting not quite patiently for the result of my 2nd beta. It’s 11:00am…. My first beta call came in at 10:30am… they are 30 minutes late… My heart is in my throat and I can hardly breathe… all my insides feels like it’s all in a huge knot and I want to throw up. I was much much much much more calmer waiting for my first beta on Tuesday…. I want to know already!


It was 2:00pm and they haven’t called. I’m going out of my mind and call DH to ask him to call the clinic. I was too scared to make the call myself. He tried to call a couple of time but wasn’t able to get through. He ended up calling a mobile number a lovely nurse gave us in case on emergency. The nurse told him that the result is in but the dr is not and they can’t give out the result before the dr has a chance to see it. They said they’ll call back at 3pm. The clock on my pc seems to be staying still…. Time seems to crawl, the agony. I just want to know!

DH just called. The clinic called him back and my beta doubled. The clinic won’t be doing a repeat beta, instead we need to set an appointment to see the dr in 2 ½ weeks. I wonder if I could wait that long? It would be different if I had a nice strong beta in the first place. I think the 2 box of HPT would come in handy for me to just check if everything is going along in the next 2 ½ weeks.

Praying for my miracle…