I have to get this off my chest… I took a HPT yesterday morning (7dp3dt). It was a BFN. I know it is still early but I’ve read that people have gotten their BFP during this time. I’m still holding on to a thin shred hope at this moment. The feeling I got staring at the pee stick and stark white staring back at me is hard to describe but I know I won’t be testing till my OTD. I don’t want to feel like that until it’s for sure. So it’s safe to say, the 2 box of HPT in my drawer will stay there! (well at least till I crumble down and test anyway… I change my mind at the drop of a hat so who knows :} ) I didn’t tell DH obviously; but he has noticed that I’ve been googling a lot and have asked me to stop since all the information I was gathering was making me anxious… fat chance of that happening LOL..

I had dinner at my mom’s last night. All my sisters were there, my family knows about what we are going through… my brother even chipped in to pay for the cycle. They have always been encouraging and comforting. After a long talk with my mom and sister I feel like everything is ok again…all calm. I did snap at DH this morning when he caught me googling away LOL caught red handed..

A few more hours of work before we start the WEEKEND. Happy Father’s day weekend everyone. I’m praying that DH will be able to celebrate his next year ❤