We had our ET yesterday and the experience was beautiful. We had 2 beautiful embryos on board the mother ship J. We have 2- 8 cell embryos to freeze. The other 4 were not developing as it should. They were all 5 cells so they will be monitored to day 5. If they develop, we’ll have them freeze too. Since the ET procedure doesn’t hurt and I feel normal, it’s been really hard to just take it easy. The blood test is scheduled for 19th of June. I try not to think about it not working but at the same time I’ve found myself talking to my embryos in my tummy… This is the closes I’ve been to being pregnant. This is the first time that I know for sure that hubby and me have created something together and the feeling is wonderful. Hubby has been talking to our would be babies… He’s so cute!

I’ve  been on Progesterone vaginal suppository since the day of ER, 2 pills 3 times a day… I’m not a big fan. It’s really messy and I don’t even know if I’m doing it right. I’m also on Duphaston pills twice a day which is ok. The meds are not giving me any bad reaction other than bloating. But I’m not sure if this is from the ER though…

I’m not sure if I wish the days will fly by or not… I’m kinda afraid of the outcome. I really loving feeling like I do at this very moment. Hoping the feeling continues.