Yep,,, I’m still stimming away… went to the dr yesterday to have another scan and blood work. Everything is progressing. The lead follicle is at 17mm and the others are at 16mm and 14mm. total of 10. There are some small ones at 10mm which they didn’t count. My lining is “beautiful” (the dr’s word not mine 😛 ) but it’s sad to think that I might not transfer this time around since my AF is still here. I think it’s all these hormones and my body is reacting… I tried too google if there are other people with the same experience and through the whole www I could only find a couple. I asked the dr about it too and he says he has probably seen one or two… not many at all. Ahhhh special me…

Other than that I’ve been ok… as ok can be when you are down this road. The last 3 days I’ve been giving myself the shots. I found the jabs to be less painful and cause less bruise when I give them to myself.  I must say DH is glad that I’ve retired him from jab duty.

My next appointment is Friday. Dr says the ER will be Monday. He’s trying to push things out a little so that may be my AF will be gone by then. I hope it is too… it’ll be a shame to waste “beautiful” lining 😉

Sending positive energy to the universe and hoping to get some in return…I’m in dire need of some!