So today was day 10 of stim. I’m progressing slowly but progressing…I have a few follicles at 14mm and the rest are at 11. Total number still at 10. After the scan dr told me to come in on Wednesday for a scan to see if I’ll be ready for Friday ER but he says that it’s more likely be Monday. I’m ok with it; as long as I’m responding and we have healthy eggs to retrieve. Today they send me home with new drug to add to the mix, it’s called Orgalutran which is supposed to stop me from ovulating early. Starting today I have 3 injections a day… yeay me… not!

I went to see my mom on Sunday. She was really concern about the jabs I have to take… She doesn’t want me to be in pain. I told her that I’m holding up alright, but I can see in her eyes that she’s worried for me. She’s sad that I have to go through all this to have my family. You see, I have 2 other sisters, one elder and another younger by a couple of years and they have 6 children between them. So I guess my reproductive genes didn’t make it to the party when I was made LOL…  To tell you the truth, I’m quite ok with all the jabs…It’s not too bad. Just wish that the end result was a sure thing though.

Wish me luck… I really need it…