Day 8 of stim. I went to the dr feeling very nervous. Not only anxious about the number of follicles that I’ve managed to “grow” but also because AF is still here and today is day 10. This can’t be right?? The wait at the dr office was not long at all. The first thing I said to the dr when I got in the room was “Dr, my period is still here” he was concern. We did the scan and saw that I had 5 follicles on the right and 5 on the left. So that means one more than my last scan. It’s not much but I’ll take what I can get! My uterus lining is on the right track. I asked the dr if the AF would make the lining thinner. He says that my lining is looking good so it may not be a problem; but we will see as we progress. We might need to resort to doing the retrieval this cycle and freezing till my next cycle for the transfer. At this stage, there is nothing I can do. I’ve done all I can… so I’m going with the flow and see where it’ll take us. Hoping for the best.

The dr kept me on the same dose of Puregon for today and tomorrow and added Menopur to boost the follicle growth. The nurse helped me with the jab today and taught prepare the meds. This is a little more hard core than the simple Puregon pen… we have to do some mixing there’s a powder and a solution and the jab is done using normal syringe. Menopur burns when it’s injected so it’s not very fun. Well then again nothing about this IVF journey is fun; but I’ll do anything I physically can to get one step closer to having children of our own.

My next appointment will be on Monday. Will write more when I know more…

Sending a lot of love and positive energy to everyone reading…Have a great weekend!