I’m starting the cycle on Friday… deep breaths…

I got a call from the Dr office on Monday saying that they got my blood result back for my insulin and it’s still a bit high then the optimum. They asked me to come in the next day. I told them that my appointment is on Thursday and if we could wait till then but thy insisted that I come in yesterday. So appointment was made. I was so sure that it won’t be good news. I took to Dr Google and read that some people had their cycle postpone for 3 months to get the insulin level back on track, so I assumed that that’s what was installed for me. Another 3 months…. What next? I’ve been getting setbacks at each turn. The anemia, the cyst and now this? On the way home, I had some time to “talk” to myself. I put myself in God’s hands. I will take this a day at a time. I trust my faith and I trust my Dr. whatever he think is best, that is what I will do. Got home, watched Desperate housewives and cried my eyes out – not so sure it was from the series as much as all the things that are going on in my head, but whatever it was it helps clear up some suppressed emotions and I felt lighter… I had a chat with Dear Hubs when he got home. He’s not one to google all these stuff, so what he knows is basically what the dr tells him and what I tell him so he’s very positive. All my googling has made me see what can go wrong throughout this journey. Ignorant is bliss as they say… how I wish I was as excited, optimistic and naive as he is.

Got to the clinic at 1pm and there were not many people waiting so we got to see the dr almost right away. He didn’t talk about the insulin result but wanted to do a scan to see if the cyst was still there. We did the scan. The cyst is still there but almost gone so he was happy with that. After the scan we touched on my insulin result and he said he was ok with the reading. Told me to take an extra Metformin tablet in the morning and that’s that on the subject. Then he send me off for a blood test to check my estradiol and progesterone levels and they will call me later to say if I’m ok to start. I was so surprised. I was all ready to hear him say to postpone this cycle and it’s a total opposite. I went down to get my blood drawn, a nice lady got my vain on her first try and no mention at all on how difficult it was to find my vain… usually it takes at least 2 tries sometimes up to 4 but she made it seems so easy… Will make sure she takes my blood from now on out. We went for lunch while we waited for the result. I told my husband it felt a lot like waiting for a big exam result but the difference with this one was I couldn’t do anything to prepare myself for the test. I didn’t hear the phone rang so I had to call them back. The results were good (I didn’t ask for numbers) and I’m good to go. The Dr will see me on Friday for another scan and we will start from there. I hope there are no surprises on Friday.

 I pray that this journey goes smoothly and from here on out everything will be PERFECT. I wish this for all of us sharing this journey. We are the selected few. Whatever our outcome is in the end, we know we tried… and we tried our very best.


Wish me luck!