I went to see the Dr and I got to see my regular doctor. I was pleased for sure just because I feel so much more calm and comfortable with him. I have a nagging feeling that he knows about last visit crying incident though… he seemed so much more comforting and keep asking me how I was… maybe it’s just my imagination LOL

The cyst is still there. It has grown smaller to barely 10mm but it is very much still there. The dr wants me to stay on OCP for another week and come back for a scan. I’m due for AF soon so it means I’ll be starting close to my natural cycle I hope.  Well we are off to see him again on Thursday… hope the dreaded cyst is gone. I did ask the Dr. what happens if it doesn’t disappear? He was sure that it would… it just needs a little time. So if the cyst is gone during my next visit, I will get my blood work done to see if I’m ok to move forward.

Deep breaths… patients is a virtue… I’m sure all this wait will be worthwhile in the end.

Sending a lot of love and positive energy out to the universe. XOXO