Another bump along the IVF road… this time the bump is a cyst. A huge one almost 4cm. I’m gutted. My body has let me down again. I wish there is something I could do to make everything just perfect. I went to the clinic at noon on Saturday feeling very nervous. May be I knew this was coming. I can sort of feel that my right ovary jabbing me for the last few days, but I hoped that it was nothing. I met with the dear Dr and had a little chat. He showed me the result of the lab test for my polyps and they were fine. No cancer cells. I’m relieved. Then he said “are you ready?” Of coz I was… dear Dr told me we’ll go have a scan so he can see how many follicles I have and if there is no cyst we can start … we went to do the scan…before he said anything I could already see the cyst… as clear as day… aargggg!!! For now dear Dr has put me on Gynera ocp and I’m to see him again on the 30th of April… in 2 weeks’ time. He says the cyst will go away and there’s nothing to worry about; it’s just a pain that we have to delay some more. He understands my frustrations all too well.

I guess I have at least 2 weeks… I wonder what I can do to help my body out with this cyst problem… I wish there was a clear answer… a direct, straight to the point guide… step 1, step 2, step 3… not… if that, may be this, sometimes that… but life is like that… nothing is black and white… there’s the greys and all the colors of the rainbows. Just pray hard that this time around everything will go my way for a change.

To those reading this… where ever you are… I pray that today… everything will go your way…