Finally made it to hysteroscopy and D&C! I almost didn’t as I found myself with a bit of a flu coming on. The weekend before the scheduled hysteroscopy was a trying one. My sister-in-law was getting engaged so we had an engagement party for her with all the families there. It’s hot and humid here all year around here but last weekend seems to be overly so. The heat caused me to get really sick. We brought along my 8 year old niece to join in the fun but after a day she too falls ill. Luckily on the day of the hysteroscopy I was feeling much better. I really didn’t want to have to reschedule again.

This is going to be a long one… ready?

On the day of the procedure, I checked into the hospital at 10am. Being that I was under medication for hypertension they wanted to monitor me. I was shown to my room, had my weight taken (I’ve only mannaged to lose 1kg since my last weigh in yucks), and ask the standard questions by the nurse, when was my last meal, what medication was I on, when was my last bowel movement, am I allergic to any medication… normal stuff… the nurse came to take my blood pressure a few times but other than that left me alone. My procedure was scheduled for 4pm so there was quite some time to kill. So I brought a book along and read and watch a little TV.

My anesthetist came by when I was changing to my OT gown. He looked a lot like Einstein I thought with his white hair. He took me through what’s he’s going to do, and got me to sign a consent form. I told him I was a little scared of going under since this is the first time, he reassured me that everything is going to be fine and it’s a short procedure.

The nurse came to get me a little before 4pm. They when through some check list with me, to verify that the signatures on all the consent forms are mine. Then proceed with checking if I had contact lenses on, ask about dentures or dental implants that I might have, asked if I’ve taken off all my under garments. It seemed funny answering these questions but I know they are important. They wheeled me on the bed to the OT. I felt a little weird being pushed on the bed since I am very able to walk on my own but it was procedure I guess. Once I arrived at the OT the person in charge there when through the check list again… then I was asked to move to another bed. There I stayed until they were ready for me.

As they wheeled me to the OT, I saw my Dr. He said hello. Talk a little to keep me at ease then left. Once inside the OT I was asked to move to another bed. This one is smaller. I can see the stirrup and there’s a place where you need to put your left hand on for the IV. The lights were bright. I got settled on the bed, my anesthetist came and say hello. Said he was going to start. He commented that my veins were hard to find. He had a nurse give me oxygen. Then he gave me a shot of antibiotics which I thought hurt a little. I was really afraid of getting the IV line on so I was waiting for that… but all I could remember after the antibiotic shot was waking up from a dream. They’ve moved me to another bed and were sending me to recovery. I asked “Is it over?” and my anesthetist said yes and I did fine and told me that the doctor will come to talk to me soon. I felt some pain but nothing more than bad AF pains. I wasn’t groggy after the anesthetic and was very lucid. They monitored me for a bit in the recovery area. My dr came to talk to me. Said I had 4 polyps removed and he did a mini D&C as well. Everything went well.

By the time I was wheeled back to my room it was already 7pm so I decided to stay the night at the hospital. I was a little anxious to go to the bathroom I thought it might sting but it was ok. They told me I could start drinking a little and if I didn’t throw up I could start eating; which I did since I was really hungry.

To tell you the truth, the most pain I had been was with the IV line. I don’t like it one bit! I couldn’t wait for them to take it out as it felt really uncomfortable and unnatural under my skin. While they were removing it I looked away and cringed, the nurse kept asking if it hurts, I told them no but I was waiting for the pain…

Ouch I’m such a wimp 😦

I was on pain killers for the first day. The cramps were quite intense and I bleed a bit for a few days. I did feel somewhat bloated too. As of today I’m 100%. Can’t wait to move on to the next step…