On Thursday after work I dropped by the organic store to get a bottle of beetroot juice. I read on the web that it helps with increasing iron in the blood and also it seemed that it helps with the blood pressure as well. I thought it couldn’t hurt to try right. The juice can only last 5 days refrigerated since there’s no preservatives. But since I’m taking it twice a day it didn’t make it even to day 3 before I needed to get another.

 I felt more energetic after drinking the juice. I wonder though if it’s all in my head LOL. Before the weekend was over I was back at the organic supply store to get a few more bottles of juice. There was a promotion going on called “Blood Replenisher Formula” 2 bottles of mixed vegg juice (mix of beetroot, celery, carrots, radish and acerola) and 1 jar of 100% pure prune paste. It supposed to aid with increasing the hemoglobin in the blood and prevent anemia so being the sucker that would try anything right now, I got myself a set. The prune paste is really yummy I must say… the juice… well the beetroot juice or the mixed vegg juice tasted almost the same… it tasted healthy I guess lacking the word to describe the taste…but palatable.


I hope all these efforts help with bringing my blood level back to normal. I’m planning to go get my blood tested sometime next week. I hope everything goes as plan and I can proceed with the hysteroscopy this month. I really want to get the ball rolling on my IVF. Please God no more hiccups. Let it be smooth sailing from now insyaAllah.

 Oh… I went to get my first dose of Hep-B vaccination. There are 3 dosages in all… next one in a month and the next 5 months after that. I wonder if this is the right time to get vaccinated, but the dr said its safe even if you’re pregnant. But I question my timing though… I guess what’s done is done right?

Sending lots of love positive energy to the universe. Baby dust to all that shares this journey.