I’m getting really worried about my anemia situation. I’ve been on the supplement for a week now and I’m still feeling rather tired and breathless most of the time. The first day I took the supplement I felt rather energized. I thought it was the effect of the meds but now I’m thinking maybe it was all in my head? Is a week to short a time to notice any difference?

 I was doing some exercise a couple of days ago (no I don’t exercise regularly) and all of a sudden I got so out of breath I almost fainted. It was really scary. I know I should get myself checked out but I’m putting it all to the anemia for now. I read that beetroot and honey can help so I’ll try to get some this week. It also said that beetroot juice can lower your blood pressure too… It won’t hurt to try right? I’ll try to get beetroot from the market and make my own juice but if I can’t find any or too lazy to make them may be I’ll go to one of the organic shop and get the bottled ones. I hope they’re the same.

 Sending out to the universe an arm full of love and baby dust…