I thought I’d write a little on the medication/supplements I’m on right now. Most recently since I’ve been diagnose with anemia, dear Dr has put me on Sangobion. It’s basically an iron supplement but it also contains vitamin C and B12 to facilitate with absorption. I’ve been on it for 4 days @ 2 times a day and so far so good. No bad side effect that they were mentioning (touch wood) I’ve been getting more energy and on Friday I climbed a flight of stairs without being out of breath..yeay!!

I don’t think the supplements have had it full affect just yet… It has not been a whole week so it’s irrational to think that I’ve got this anemia issue under control. I read somewhere that it usually takes a couple of months but by dear Dr words it would take one month so I’m hoping I’ll be the lucky ones that takes a short time to recover. I have AF coming in a week’s time so I’m hoping that it won’t further aggravate my situation.

Currently on
Sangobion – 2 X per day
Folic Asid
Vitamin C – 100 mg – 1 X per day (slow release)
Metformin XR – 1500mg – 1 X per day (for my IR)
Covasc 5mg – 1 X per day (for my blood pressure)

Wow… thats a lot to swallow!!!