Many months ago I started to crave ice… it was weird for me. I’ve never really paid much attention to ice; it was just something to put in my beverages to make them nice and cold. All of a sudden it’s all I can think about… I would go to the fridge and get ice cubes and chew. It felt fulfilling and I couldn’t stop. Even when people around me told me how bad it was for my teeth, I didn’t care… there are days when I’d ask my DH to go to mc Donald’s to get a large coke and I’ll pick up a spoon and scooped out the ice (I don’t drink soda) .I even asked for “ice on the side” and got strange looks LOL.. Even the ice cubes in the fridge at work we not safe.

People started noticing and asking me questions… was I thirsty? Was I pregnant? Could this be a sign of diabetes they say…? It worried me a bit. Instead of going to the Dr, I went to Google and googled “craving ice” and the result came up “Feeling Tired? Craving Ice? You May be Anemic” That should have been my first clue but I didn’t do anything about it. Sure enough yesterday I got my answer….my ice craving is a sign of anemia… so I’m not a freak chewing ice… I actually have a condition. Through my setback yesterday; I got my answer. Thinking back; maybe I should have gone to see someone about my ice craving then maybe my anemia issue could have been taken care off before my scheduled hysteroscopy yesterday…. or maybe I would be laugh at out of the Dr’s clinic? I do hope once I’ve gotten my anemia out of the way the ice craving will stop too..