Its February 2012… my… it’s been a long time since I posted. Truth is there is nothing much to write about these past few months. There have been so many holidays from christmas, new year then the luna new year and last week was a long weekend with Maulidur Rasul and taipusm… Don’t get me wrong, I love the break… the problem is, time just pass by and I sort of feel I’ve lost time somehow. I just feel like we lost a bit of time with all the holidays since no procedure can be done during the time as the dr is off for a holiday. Well can’t complain… dr’s are people too and they need their time off too..

I went to see the dr today to talk about scheduling my hysteroscopy and polyps removal. It’s now scheduled for 22 February. It’s good that we are getting treatment started. Wish me luck. I hope everything works out great. Dear husband gets to go home with a cup to make his deposit. The dr wants to freeze his boys for the ivf… just in case. So the plan is…. We will get my hysteroscopy out of the way then the very next cycle we will start stim. I hope there’s no bumps along the way and that everything goes smoothly.

I need to keep my bp in check… to tell you the truth, I’ve been bad with my food… have not been watching what I eat at all… well just dust myself off and start again ya?