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I thought I’d write a little on the medication/supplements I’m on right now. Most recently since I’ve been diagnose with anemia, dear Dr has put me on Sangobion. It’s basically an iron supplement but it also contains vitamin C and B12 to facilitate with absorption. I’ve been on it for 4 days @ 2 times a day and so far so good. No bad side effect that they were mentioning (touch wood) I’ve been getting more energy and on Friday I climbed a flight of stairs without being out of breath..yeay!!

I don’t think the supplements have had it full affect just yet… It has not been a whole week so it’s irrational to think that I’ve got this anemia issue under control. I read somewhere that it usually takes a couple of months but by dear Dr words it would take one month so I’m hoping I’ll be the lucky ones that takes a short time to recover. I have AF coming in a week’s time so I’m hoping that it won’t further aggravate my situation.

Currently on
Sangobion – 2 X per day
Folic Asid
Vitamin C – 100 mg – 1 X per day (slow release)
Metformin XR – 1500mg – 1 X per day (for my IR)
Covasc 5mg – 1 X per day (for my blood pressure)

Wow… thats a lot to swallow!!!


Many months ago I started to crave ice… it was weird for me. I’ve never really paid much attention to ice; it was just something to put in my beverages to make them nice and cold. All of a sudden it’s all I can think about… I would go to the fridge and get ice cubes and chew. It felt fulfilling and I couldn’t stop. Even when people around me told me how bad it was for my teeth, I didn’t care… there are days when I’d ask my DH to go to mc Donald’s to get a large coke and I’ll pick up a spoon and scooped out the ice (I don’t drink soda) .I even asked for “ice on the side” and got strange looks LOL.. Even the ice cubes in the fridge at work we not safe.

People started noticing and asking me questions… was I thirsty? Was I pregnant? Could this be a sign of diabetes they say…? It worried me a bit. Instead of going to the Dr, I went to Google and googled “craving ice” and the result came up “Feeling Tired? Craving Ice? You May be Anemic” That should have been my first clue but I didn’t do anything about it. Sure enough yesterday I got my answer….my ice craving is a sign of anemia… so I’m not a freak chewing ice… I actually have a condition. Through my setback yesterday; I got my answer. Thinking back; maybe I should have gone to see someone about my ice craving then maybe my anemia issue could have been taken care off before my scheduled hysteroscopy yesterday…. or maybe I would be laugh at out of the Dr’s clinic? I do hope once I’ve gotten my anemia out of the way the ice craving will stop too..

I got to the hospital at 8am morning for admission. With my blood pressure issue, the my doctor wanted to be extra careful especially having me go under GA. So I got to my room, had my weight taken, then they took my blood pressure which was fine… then someone came to get blood. She poked a couple of time and no blood came so she gave up and call for the lab people to come… he came and poke around some more and still no blood. Kept asking if this was the first time I’ve got my blood taken and I told them I’ve gone through hundreds (exaggerating but not by much!). People always tell me it’s difficult to get my vain but they’ve always managed on the first try. This was ridiculous. He gave up… then another nurse came in… she looked very confident and was very pleasant as well, she took one go at it and… blood… they send it off to the lab. I didn’t ask what they need it for though. My hysteroscopy was scheduled for 4pm so I had a while to kill so I watched rerun of Friends on the telly.

A little after the blood fiasco more nurses cam to do my EKG. I thought EKG? really? I guess they really wanted to be extra caution. The anesthetist doctor cam by at around 2pm to introduce himself. Told me what is going to happen. He will put a line in my arm, where the anesthetic will go in then I’ll get gas and I’ll go to sleep and not feel anything. He told me that some people will be nauseated from the drug so he’ll take care of that by giving me some medication for it too.. he told me that he’ll take good care of me. Awww… such a good doctor… I would be in good hands…that put me at ease… At 2:30 I changed into my sexy OT gown as instructed. Then the phone rings… it was my fertility clinic calling. The Dr wanted to talk to me. My work blood came back he says… and my hemoglobin is really low. Too low for him to be comfortable to perform the procedure…so he wanted to postpone the procedure and reschedule in a month or until I can get my hemoglobin back to normal. Canceled…

The first bump in my IVF journey. I’m disappointed for sure. But the procedure is elective and to risk my health is not worth it. A month is not a long time. I’ve waited 8 years… I can wait 1 more month. I’m sure this is what’s best for me… God has his plan for me and for sure I want to be 100% when I start IVF so I’ll know I’ve done my best. The doctor did come in to see me anyway… I’m glad he did and not just let the nurses handle it. He knew that I was upset needing to take another month but he was very comforting at the same time. I know I’m in the right hands so I trust him. For now Dear Dr put me on Sangobion 2 times a day. He says the side effect would be constipation, gastric issue and weight gain… how nice…hmm…

To all of you out there who are going through this difficult journey alongside me… I wish you all the very best of luck and sending an arm full of baby dust to you… may we hold our babies in our arms soon.

Its February 2012… my… it’s been a long time since I posted. Truth is there is nothing much to write about these past few months. There have been so many holidays from christmas, new year then the luna new year and last week was a long weekend with Maulidur Rasul and taipusm… Don’t get me wrong, I love the break… the problem is, time just pass by and I sort of feel I’ve lost time somehow. I just feel like we lost a bit of time with all the holidays since no procedure can be done during the time as the dr is off for a holiday. Well can’t complain… dr’s are people too and they need their time off too..

I went to see the dr today to talk about scheduling my hysteroscopy and polyps removal. It’s now scheduled for 22 February. It’s good that we are getting treatment started. Wish me luck. I hope everything works out great. Dear husband gets to go home with a cup to make his deposit. The dr wants to freeze his boys for the ivf… just in case. So the plan is…. We will get my hysteroscopy out of the way then the very next cycle we will start stim. I hope there’s no bumps along the way and that everything goes smoothly.

I need to keep my bp in check… to tell you the truth, I’ve been bad with my food… have not been watching what I eat at all… well just dust myself off and start again ya?