I went to get my BP monitored yesterday after 10 days on meds. It has improved and the Dr says it’s a good idea to keep me on the meds. The dose is minimal 5mg which she says is pretty mild. I told her I’ve not been feeling 100% since taking the meds. It makes me feel a little woozy, she advised me to take my meds at night instead of in the morning. This morning I must say I feel better.

I got news that my newly married friend is pregnant. I’m so happy for her. I remember talking to her about how she thought she’d never meet her mr right. Now she has and expecting their bundle of joy. It weird feeling both joy and sadness at the same time. It feels like all your emotion is in your throat and you have butterfly in your tummy… I take a drink of water when I feel like this. It strangely helps LOL. I hope it happens for us but at the same time I pray that if it is destine for us not to have kids of our own that we are given the strength and wisdom to accept our fate. I’ve not done all I can and I’m not about to give up just yet.