Since I’ve been on Metformin I’ve lost 11lb thats 5kg, yeay me! Not a whole lot coz I have quite a bit to lose, but it’s a start right? It’s been a while since I’ve lost any weight, especially since we started our fertility treatments the weight has been creeping up on me. My doctor told me that the high insulin level in my blood may be the cause that I find it hard to lose weight.  I’ve now cut my sugar intake, no more sodas or juices only water. I still sometimes indulge on chocolates though. I’m also what I’d call a carb addict. I need my bread, potatoes, rice. I find that every time I say I want to stop eating something I love, it makes me crave it more. So I still let myself have my favorite foods but limit my intake. I’m a work in progress.


The step back you ask? I haven’t been feeling too well this couple of days. I went to see my regular GP and guess what? I have high blood pressure?!#@$#@ How could this be happening? I’ve lost weight and gained hypertension? Deep breaths… On the flip side, maybe I will take this next 2 months to get my health in order. I have an appointment with an Endocrinologist next week. It’s a good thing that we get checked out now before we are well into out IVF journey right? I think so… Yesterday dear DH and I went to the supermarket and bought some organic oats. I’ve never been a fan of oats but I’ll give anything a try. The plan is, every morning before work, I will make myself a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I already feel healthy just writing that LOL. This morning I had my first bowl of oatmeal with some raisins. Oh how I wish it was Nasi Lemak or a chicken mc muffin instead… but it was bearable. I’ll be googling for oatmeal breakfast recipes tonight for sure.