The first time I met with Dr P, I thought it felt right. He was easy to talk to and spent time talking to us and explaining what’s what. He wanted to start IUI straight away. No need to waste time he says… fine by me!  He did my scan, put me on Progesterone to bring on AF and set appointment for CD2 for blood work. Blood work came in ok except for my insulin serum level was 43.  I was put on Metformin for Insulin resistance and Tamoxifen for my first IUI. It was an exciting time. For the first time in my IF journey I thought this is it. I’m finally going to be a mother… But life has other plans. Our first IUI was a BFN. And my belief in fairytales ended.


We waited 2 month before going for round 2 of IUI. This time I was on Tamoxifen as well as Folistim injections. The injections made it more intense and real for me. With Tamoxifen during the first IUI cycle I managed to produce 2 good size follicles. This time with the addition of the injectable we thought the outcome would be better. On CD12, the scan shows I had only 1 follicle though it was the right size; it was in the wrong ovary. It was on my right, my blocked tube. I was devastated. The Dr told us that there is still a chance, and told us to think about proceeding with the IUI or do it the old fashion way. He said “you’ve come so far, don’t just do nothing”. We left the Dr room to think for a bit. We didn’t want to waste money on an IUI that have very little chance of succeeding but we couldn’t decide. The Dr called us back to his room a while later and made the decision for us. He would perform the IUI on me with no charge! “Only pay me if you get pregnant” he says…. Tears… I didn’t know this kind of people still exists. I’m great full and humbled by his act of kindness towards us. It made me believe again. Though this cycle was another BFN, I know that I’ve chosen the right Dr for our journey to become parents. He doesn’t just have the skill more importantly he also had the heart. So now on to IVF 2012. Wish us luck!